FAQ + Policy

*policies are subject to change due to Covid restrictions and policies from show and teams.

general FAQs

1. What payment forms do we accept?
We accept cash, check and all major credit cards (no checks for amusement parks)

2. How often are our websites updated?
Our websites update every weekday by 11am.

3. How does the Recreation Newsletter differ from the website?
The Recreation email newsletters are the best way to find out what Broadway and off-Broadway tickets are available. The website contains all the sports tickets that are available plus all of the other discounts available to you, and is updated every day.

tickets & purchases

4. What tickets are available?
Everything that is available through our office is available on the lists in the office or on the Recreation email newsletters.  All sports tickets are listed on the website. If you do not see a show or attraction listed, it is not currently available. Be sure to sign up for the email list by clicking the “ticket updates” link on the right side of the website.

5. What does it mean when it says tickets may be ordered?
These are tickets that we are able to order from an outside agency. We will find out how many tickets remain for these performances once you are in our office and we call to order. Please allow an extra processing day or two to receive your ordered tickets. Please note we are not able to order tickets for a performance the same day and all ticket orders must be placed in even #s.

6. How can I purchase tickets?
All Mount Sinai Health System employees, students, and volunteers with valid ID are welcome to purchase in our store on the Main Hospital Campus. Most tickets will require an online order form to be filled out first. These are available on each sports team’s page or on the Broadway email newsletter.

7. Do I need a physical/mobile/.pdf ticket to attend an event I purchased?
Yes, you need the physical/mobile/.pdf ticket for admission. Please be sure to pick up your tickets (if they are physical tickets) ahead of time from the Recreation Office.
We do not leave tickets at will call and your receipt will not grant you admission.

8. How do I pick up my tickets?
If the tickets are not given to you at time of your purchase, you must return to the office to pick them up before the show. Tickets cannot be left at the box office. If you would like someone else to pick up tickets on your behalf, you must provide him or her with a copy or picture of your ID and inform him or her the name of the show. Please be sure to pick up your tickets ahead of time.

9. Will the Recreation office call me when my tickets are ready to be picked up?
No, we will not call you regarding your tickets unless there is a problem with your order. You may call us any time during business hours to check the status of your order.

10. How do I purchase tickets if I work at an off-site location?
Most tickets will require an online order form to be filled out first. These are available on each sports team’s page or on the Broadway email newsletter.
Once filled out, please feel free to call the office during business hours or you will be called in order of the request.

11. Can the Recreation office mail me my tickets?
Yes, you may have your tickets shipped to you directly via UPS for $10 (at least one week in advance).

12. When will my tickets be ready?
Box offices will typically release tickets relatively close to the date of the performance. If you have purchased tickets to an event more than 6 months in advance, your tickets may not be ready for several months. You may reach out to us to check the status at any time.

13. Can I call to reserve or hold tickets until I have a chance to come into the store?
No, unfortunately we are not able to hold tickets aside for anyone. All tickets are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.

14. Why does the price on the ticket not match the price I paid?
The price printed on the ticket does not reflect the retail value of that ticket.

15. I am unable to attend a show I purchased tickets for. May I return my tickets?
All of our sales are final. However, we may be able to re-list your theater tickets and sell them for you at a $5 surcharge per ticket. Movie tickets may not be returned.

16. Can I use someone else’s credit card to make your purchase?
Only the employee purchasing the tickets may use his/her credit card. We must be provided a credit card with a name that matches your ID.

17. Why are tickets to some shows able to be purchased in odd numbers, but most can only be purchased in even numbers?
Most of the discount tickets come in pairs, so they must be sold like that. For certain performances, we are able to obtain an odd number of tickets, and those select performances will be clearly denoted on our lists. Certain tickets may only be sold in odds/evens when there are a small numbers of tickets left. A single ticket cannot be left. Please check the email list or call the office to find out more information.

other questions

18. What can I do if a discount code is not working?
If you find a code is not working, please feel free to reach out to our office directly. It is possible that our vendor may have updated a discount without our knowledge or that an error may be occurring. We will be happy to help identify the issue and work to get it resolved.

19. Why do we ask for your phone number?
We always need a contact phone number in the case that we need to contact you for any reason regarding your purchase.

20. What are your busiest times?
Friday afternoons are typically the busiest times in the office. Currently, this may extend the time it takes to process phone orders as well.